What’s in a Name?


The first = fun, speed, motion, energy, action. The latter = photography, precision, magnification, focal length. Together they make a play on words to brand my photoblog.


I’m Tom Wicky, an expat living in Vienna, Austria with a passion for photography. I’ve got no formal training, just a bit of an eye that I am trying to develop further. I know *nothing* only a little about the technical aspects of photography but am curious and looking to learn. Having tracked many photoblogs from around the world, I’ve been inspired by how much there is to learn and how many truly unique ways there are to capture what the mind translates from a mirrored image coming off the retina.

t_reflect1.jpg I’ll post pics here mostly of random captures from in and around Vienna -- quite possibly the most beautiful metropolitan city in the world (aesthetically). I’ll aim to draw one a day (that means I better start building my pipeline now…as I know work will make it impossible for me to slug the lens around every night).

My girlfriend (B), a.k.a. Flygirl, is also new to photography but also has some nice raw talent.   She's my spotter, my confidence and my support. She is as much responsible for the success of ZoomVienna as I am. I will ask her to post from time to time and give her version of “hello world”. If you haven't seen Flygirl's tracks yet on the photoblog scene, you will.


Most images from 2005 we taken with a Canon PowerShot Pro1. Since the beginning of 2006 I have been shooting with my latest Canon body - the 8MP Rebel XT.

For lenses, I'm shooting with Canon L's - easily the best decision I've made to date. I use mainly a 16-35mm f2.6 and a 70-200mm f4.

Becuase of time constraints, right now most images are taken in sRGB .JPG format (the RAW fans out there are cringing) and cropped/tuned in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Now your turn...

So come in, have a look around, and please comment. Let me know what you like, don’t like, how I can improve, etc. If any of you are from – or have been to Vienna - and have some requests or spots you’d wish for me to capture let me know ... I’m always up for a dodge or weave in between Vienna’s high fat/high calorie nourishments.


Send comments, or requests for letter writing, love consultation, or light refraction algorithms to the Zoom Vienna Mailbox.

Happy Zooooooming...